Abundant Harvest Church History

Abundant Harvest Church History


After much prayer and dedication, in March 1997, Elder Foster answered God's call to pioneer a church.  Abundant Harvest -A Progressive Ministry Striving for Excellence - was established in Ann Arbor, Michigan.   God gave him a vision for a ministry theme verse “...The harvest is truly plenteous but the labors are few.”  Mark 9:37 and a challenge verse, “If thou canst believe all things are possible to him that believeth.”  Matthew 9:23.  The first service was held on March 2, 1997 at the Ann Arbor Community Center on Main Street where we held service for more than 10 years.

The first ten years of this ministry proved to be a blessing to many.  Abundant Harvest opened its door to those whom the world has shunned – the outcast, the unchurched and the homeless.  It is the heart of our pastor to minister to and support the widows, the motherless and fatherless. We are never to busy to minister to, pray for and listen to even the least of them whom God sends our way.

Abundant Harvest is a ministry that is rich in promise and deed.  Over the years we have supported many ministries – at home and abroad.  We believe in primarily using our finances to reach and minister to God’s people.  We have assisted with building water systems in Africa, providing refuge to the victims of the Tsunami, supporting families devastated by Katrina, lending a hand to families who have lost a loved one, buying transportation for an African pastor to minister from village to village, proving hats and mittens to needy children, aiding those in shelters, feeding the hungry, bridging the gap in struggling families, scholarships to students pursuing higher education, a long-time missionary in Haiti, international ministries that support Jews returning to their homeland, bibles being distributed in Europe & China and much more.  We have generously helped other local churches in their endeavors to operate, build and grow their ministries.  Our Pastors gift of giving and our selfless labor of love to others has given Abundant Harvest many rewards of which we are thankful – we are solvent, sustaining and yet emerging – through and by the grace of God. 

In 1999 Abundant Harvest Church began the Ann Arbor Gospel Festival.  Throughout the eight years of the festival, thousands attended the day long musical family event – established as project of the outreach ministry to lead people to Christ. This festival grew fast and was well attended and respected by local musicians including recording artists. Sadly, the festival was discontinued due to change in the law which forbids amplified music in parks in the City of Ann Arbor. 

Those who God has directed our way over the years have been blessed with the rich and accurate teaching of our Pastor, Elder Willie S. Foster, III – a true man of God.  Consecrated and dedicated from his youth, our Pastor has led this congregation in the face of challenges and changes with an eye that is steady reaching for the high calling in Christ Jesus! Our small ministry has not deterred his professional growth as a pastor, nor his dedication to study and prayer.  He truly believes that every one person reached can change the world and our history bares this truth.  Members that have moved on to other ministries have become leaders in their own right - ministers, pastors, missionaries, musicians – making a difference wherever they are. This is our Pastor’s greatest legacy –leading people to Christ that become true disciples at home and abroad.  (See Pastor Foster’s History)

We appreciate the opportunity to have been the stepping stone for several church leaders and are thankful for those leaders who labor with us yet today! Our Minister of Music, Elder Michael Foster, a professional bass player, has led the music department since its inception with a passion to serve humbly and reverently under the leadership of our Pastor.  His leadership has enriched the music presentation and devotion of our musicians - Matthew Holmes, Andre Holmes, and Jayla Mosley as well as our praise team, First Lady Sheryl Foster (missions) and Evangelist Monique Foster (see below). Elder Benjamin Foster’s unyielding devotion to the word of God is refreshing as well as his commitment to work in the local mission field (convalesce homes & jails) and men’s ministry.  Two licensed evangelist (both authors), Mary Foster (women’s ministry, missions) and Monique Foster (health walks, fundraising, praise team, missions) work diligently to build up the Kingdom of God using the biblical skills God has provided. Together with our Pastor, we thank God for these ministry gifts that God has given Abundant Harvest.  We are blessed to honor Earnestine Jones (usher board lead) as our church mother.  As a pastor’s widow, she brings a lifetime of experience which has enriched our church family.  Our team leaders continue to strive for excellence in their service to this ministry and we thank God for them.  Deacon King S. Holmes (finance, maintenance, compassion) and wife, Maria Holmes (compassion, media, finance) have been actively engaged and devoted to the ministry since the inception as well.  Youth Advisory Board leaders, Andre Holmes (wife, Megan who orchestrates VBS) and Jaramys Mosley, foster holy Christian living for our youth while encouraging them to share their gifts with others.  In addition to being called to the ministry, media team leader Mary Burton engages youth in media presentations and oversee the dance team. Helping us to lead active lives, health team leaders Chris Ward and Charles Foster arrange hikes, bike rides, sports and other outdoor activities.  Renecia Hopkins assisted by Maria Holmes heads up Annual Family and Friends Day, the most well attended service of the year.  Charity and Amber Foster faciliate information and church announcements.  For all of those who labor among us throughout the years - friends, members, leaders, ministers and pastors, we thank God for you.  You have and continue to help our Pastor fulfill the calling and establish the vision of Abundant Harvest Church.  Your labor will not be in vain! 

Our Pastor and the congregation of Abundant Harvest believe in uplifting and encouraging our youth especially as it relates to pursuing an education.  In 2006, regrettably we lost our beloved brother, Herman L. Mitchell and it was determined that a college scholarship would be established in his memory – the Herman L. Mitchell Memorial Scholarship. In addition, his service to others led the Pastor to grant the Herman L Mitchell Good Samaritan Award.  Faithful worker, Maria Holmes, was the first recipient of this award. In 2009, our beloved sister, Dorris Holmes went to be with the Lord.  A scholarship for women seeking higher education was established in her honor, the Dorris Holmes Memorial Scholarship.  These scholarships are awarded every year for Abundant Harvest members who are seeking higher education.

We are now walking in a new season, a new beginning.  Abundant Harvest Church has aquired a new building!  We are now located at 51185 Willis Rd in Belleville, Michigan.  We are so excited about what God is doing in this new season.  We are so grateful for his special blessing in the purchasing of this church.  Praise God!!!  Our first church service was held on September 3, 2017.

Seasons come and seasons go.  Challenges cause us to strive harder.  Reflecting back gives us a perspective of how to move forward.  Our blessings are many and we are more than conquerors!  We are convinced now, more than ever, that God is with us and that the storms of life are a wonderful opportunity for us to step out of the boat and keep our eyes on Jesus.  With His word to teach us, His wisdom to guide us and His love to keep us, we are the church that He is calling for in such a time as this. We are blessed and highly favored of the Lord!

"…The harvest is truly plenteous but the laborers are few" – Matt. 9:37.